Transformation & Healing through the Inka Medicine Wheel

Starting January 2024

Shamanism is not just a course, it is a life long journey. This intense and experiential workshop will consist of a small group of participants who are willing to make a commitment to one Saturday a month for 12 months to do their own deep personal healing. The purpose of this work is not only to heal your wounds, but also to build a solid Ayu or Community to help support and strengthen you through your journey.

We will be working with the teachings and lessons for each of the 4 directions of the Inka Medicine Wheel. Three months will be dedicated to the teachings of each of the four directions. We will work with the Serpent in the South (Shedding Past Stories); the Jaguar in the West (Fearlessness & Stepping Beyond Death); the Hummingbird in the North (Connection to the Ancestors) & the Eagle in the East (Envisioning a New World & the Initiation Rites). In each direction we will address the challenges & the gifts connected with that direction. You will also learn about opening and working in Sacred Space. Working with the Energy Body. You will journey to find your Power Animal, meet with Archangels  & Guides and so much more as you travel around the Medicine Wheel.

The beauty of this workshop is that you won’t only be addressing the issues that may be keeping you stuck and unable to move forward to your highest potential, you will be learning valuable tools along the way to help with the continued shifting & healing of these issues. You will learn to work with fire ceremony, sand paintings, altars, medicine stones, meditation & journeying, etc.

Along with the journey of the Medicine Wheel you will receive the Munay-Ki Rites. These are Initiation Rites of Transformation that have been passed down through generations of Quero’ (healers) from the high mountains of Peru. The Rites raise your vibration and help you become a person of power & wisdom.

 *** I know this is a huge undertaking for you as it is for me. I will require a minimum number of participants and a solid commitment/RSVP by Saturday December 18th 2023 so that I can continue the move forward.

Logistics & Pricing for

Transformation & Healing Through the Inka Wheel 2024

The work of Shamanism begins with a commitment to doing your own personal work. That is what this workshop is all about.

As stated, we will go through the 4 directions starting with the South; each direction taking 3 months. We will have discussion and theory in the morning and experiential work in the afternoon. The experiential work can be anything from fire ceremonies, sand paintings, altar work, journeying, interactive exercises, etc. An important part of this work is to learn and use Ceremony & Ritual to help keep you out of your head and into your heart to shift, heal & grow energetically.

There will be homework/practices for you to do throughout the month.

We will be meeting the 2nd Saturday of every month beginning Jan 13th 2024. The hours will be from 10:00AM -5:00PM (1 hour break for potluck lunch).

The Fire Ceremony is such a crucial part of the work, so on the first Saturday of each direction we will meet from 10-5 and then gather again in the evening from 6:00 to 7:30 for Fire Ceremony. These extended Saturday’s will only happen 4 times out of the year (Jan, April, July & Oct)

Cost: $1,600.00 for the year. You can pay per quarter ($400.00 x 4 quarters)…or I am offering a discount of $200.00 if you choose to pay for the full year in advance…making the total cost $1,400.00. I prefer cash or check but I will accept Zelle or a credit card. If you use a credit card there is a processing fee of $50.00.

*There is a discount for repeat Medicine Wheel students…contact me for that information.*

 Note: If you have to miss a class I will send you the theory information via e-mail…however you would miss the experiential part and there is no way to make that up.

If you have any questions please contact me: or my cell # 661-213-7032. I look forward to hearing from you!

 **Check out the Testimonials page for reviews from past Students of this and other workshops.