Transformation & Healing Through the Inka Medicine Wheel  

This course was life saving for me. This is both a literal and spiritual reality. The lessons I learned, the practices of medicine wheel, the tools for spiritual growth will be forever part of me. I am a different person than when I began – a person who embraces life and healing.   Valerie S.

Thank You for your love & compassion Thank you for opening up a world that I knew existed but was afraid to embrace…even though I felt I wasn’t quite ready for the class I feel confident at this time I will be able to move forward with more confidence. 

Cathy is a great teacher, I must admit it was an intense workshop but she made it a fun and interesting. I didn’t have any expectations nor knowledge and now I can say I have become a wiser being…thank you X3 Cathy.   Julianna G.

Cathy is an amazing teacher. She is wise and  so magickal…Her Loving Ways are symbolic of the Love she has in her heart & soul. She has taught me how to find my medicine within.   Denise Z.

Cathy’s Knowledge and wisdom are such gifts…The experience has opened me so perfectly to do my own healing work throughout the Inka Medicine Wheel classes.    Betty M.

This workshop changed my Life!!! My expectations were more than met…You are a Blessing in my Life!

Cathy’s Medicine Wheel class grounded me with a connection to the earth & surrender to Spirit…I feel much better able to withstand the storm.    Leslie B.

The Medicine Wheel class was an amazing experience. I didn’t know what to expect but I experienced tools for healthy self-care and the ability to understand that I can alter my perspective at any time. It was life changing! Cathy is a gift and I am so grateful for her and her abilities.   Denise S.

Learning with Cathy is a wonderful experience. She is very intuitive and healing…is always self-guided. I appreciate working with Cathy so very much!   Amanda 

So much has shifted in the past year with all the Medicine Wheel teachings!!!

The first workshop I attended with Cathy was pure magic! I am so grateful for the enlightening information & tools she has taught so brilliantly. I have learned so much & am so excited to continue along my healing path with Cathy as a mentor & soul friend… Thank You So Much Cathy! Munay!  Erin B.

Participating in the Medicine Wheel this past year has been on of the best decisions I have made for myself. The information & tools I have learned are invaluable. It really has been a transformative process that I am so grateful for…Thank You Cathy   Dana C.

The Medicine Wheel provided an opportunity to review my lifestyle practices and beliefs. I had the opportunity to strengthen my Spiritual practice and connection to Spirit. The tools helped me remain centered as life was happening around me. I learned that I am much more capable than I initially thought in providing and creating healing for myself through Spirit.   Amanda G.

 Clearing a Path to Intuition

 I found Cathy’s, Clearing a Path to Intuition, workshop very interesting. She presents it in an easy to follow and understand fassion. The class was well planned out, comfortable and relaxing. The teaching was easy to apply.    Kristy C.

 Loved the Intuition workshop! Lots of Great Material I will continue to work with.    Susan  (Phoenix)


 Awakening to Intuition

 You will feel calm, energized and more focused after any of the many energetic treatments provided by Cathy Matlock.  Her classes are interesting and filled with opportunities to gain insight which will enrich your life.  Cathy carries a deep wisdom honed from years of study and practice.  Her treatments and classes are treasures not to be missed!” Jan W. ~ Bakersfield

 I Loved the “Awakening to Intuition” workshop! I loved expanding my energy field again, very freeing going into the 4th dimension (wish I could stay there).    Kathleen ~ Phoenix


 Dimensional and Quantum Thinking

 Cathy’s workshops always bring about positive “shifts” in my existence.

 Inspirational and informative.    Sam

 Cathy is a great teacher…The material in every workshop I’ve attended has made a difference in my ways of thinking and bringing chance for the better.    Vickie C.

 Cathy’s passion and willingness to teach and support others on this earthly journey is amazing.    Kristy C.

 Once again, a wonderful experience with Cathy Matlock, learning to shift my understanding from my mind to my heart regarding dimensional and quantum thinking.  Betty M.

 Years of experience and study have made Cathy a marvelous teacher, Her classes are a life changing experience.: Jan W.


More Testimonials

 The Body Balancing Treatment is the most relaxing treatment …EVER!!! ~ Kathryn S. Bakersfield Ca.

 Cathy is a wonderful teacher.  The information she gives is always filled with mind expanding experiences.  She is truly a great spiritual teacher and mentor.   Valerie S. ~ Bakersfield

 Cathy is a blessing! She inspires and enhances everything she does to get us all to lead deeper, more spiritual lives. There’s magic to be had, and Cathy is there as an invaluable guide.   Sandra P. ~  L.A.

 Cathy teaches you to look at everything with new eyes, with compassion and a new understanding that rings true to the core of my soul. I Love Her Classes!    Linda E. ~ Phoenix

 Great teacher! Just wonderful, A loving person, well prepared & thorough.    Jim Rockwell ~ Phoenix

 Very Good! Excellent workshop! Helps me a lot. ~ “F” Bakersfield Ca

 I learned so much that I was searching for. I feel more at peace with my Spiritual Path. I look forward to more workshops. ~ Valerie S. Bakersfield

 Very Enlightening!” ~ “B” Phoenix

 I Loved the class. Everything was great. All in Perfect Harmony…Thank You so Much!” ~ “R” Bakersfield

OMG! I so want to study with you more! ~ Sheila G. Phoenix

 Thank You for opening up a world that I knew existed but was afraid to embrace ~ “P” Bakersfield

 Your workshop changed my life! You are a blessing in my life! ~ Betty M. Bakersfield

 I loved the openness and discussion from Cathy and the participants ~ Susan S. Phoenix

 It feels so great to be with “Like People! ~ “K” Phoenix

 Excellent!!! Loved it!  ~ “P” Phoenix

 So much wonderful information on Dreams! ~ “J” Phoenix

Very enlightening in a “safe” atmosphere.