Exploring The Energy Body                                                                                                                                                          Empathic people are compassionate; they have big hearts and can be very intuitive. These are wonderful gifts to possess but the combination can also allow you to be more receptive to taking on unwanted energy of others. This can result in feeling exhausted and depleted for no apparent reason. This workshop includes some basic information about how the energy body works as well as some simple techniques for clearing and balancing your own energy field. We will cover topics such as working in sacred space, chakra cleansing & muscle testing. These techniques will help in your meditation, relaxation and self healing practices. I will also be supplying you with much needed tools for protection from those unwanted energies around you.


Visualization & Journeying
This workshop will take you a step deeper into meditation, relaxation & self discovery. The techniques you will learn in this workshop can help you deal with the major and even minor stresses of your life. There will be guided and self guided visualizations. This workshop is about the wonderful journey deeper into you soul. I will teach you to find your “still lake” where you can just relax and reflect. Next I will help you do your own self guided visualization. We will then go from visualization to journeying so you can meet your Power Animal.


Dreams & Symbology
Dreams can be your greatest tool for understanding yourself and your life. In this workshop we will discuss the different types of dreams. Whether they are currant life situations needing dealt with or pre-cognitive dreams of situations yet to come. Maybe they are warning dreams, past life dreams or visitation dreams. We will discuss why we dream in symbols and the meanings behind those symbols. You will be asked to bring a dream you would like us to work on during the workshop.


Soul Evolvement (2 Day Workshop)
This workshop can be described as a Personality Profile as well as a study of the Souls Evolution. Whether you believe in past-life existence or not the information given in this workshop can be very helpful in your day-to-day interactions. The purpose of learning about your own souls evolution is not only to understand yourself better, but also to learn to live in harmony with where you are on your life path. Understanding the concept of this workshop will be a way to develop compassion not only for yourself, but for others; to understand that everyone is exactly where they should be.
This is a 2 day workshop The first day we will learn the basic concept of Soul Evolvement. It is taught with a number system that makes it easy learn and easy to work with later. The second day will personalize it for you using your own numbers. The first part of the class will be a short lesson in finding those numbers. The rest of the day will be in how to apply them to your Soul Evolvement to better understand your life intention.


The Dimensional & Quantum Thinking
This advanced workshop is about understanding how you can co-create with the Universe in order to live in the Higher Dimensional Energy of Quantum Possibilities. Simply put; it is learning the tools to manifest your desires and to live your “Greatest Potential”.


Awakening to Intuition (2 day Workshop)
We have access to so much intuitive information. It is just a matter of learning to tap into it.
The first day of the workshop will be “Clearing the Path to Intuition”. We will be discussing and looking at what is holding you back from gaining access to your highest intuitive self. It is very important for you to recognize and release obstructions that block your spiritual growth and intuition. You will learn techniques in clearing and meditative practices to help you relax and clear those blocks. We will end the day with some fun intuitive exercises.
The second day we will go deeper and work with “Psychometry” (reading the energy in objects) & “Clairvoyant Development Through Pictures” (reading eyes” from photographs). IMPORTANT: For the second day you will need to bring an object that you carry or wear on your person for a week before the class. It can be a piece of jewelry, a pen or any small object. Also bring 3 or 4 photographs of friends or family members for practice in reading eyes. Don’t discuss what you are bringing (pictures or objects) with any other member of the workshop.


Aura Visualization                                                                                                                                                                                           I will teach you techniques intended to perceive the human Aura. You will learn how colors affect you in your everyday life.


Transformation & Healing through the Inka Medicine Wheel (Check dropdown for details)